The day I decided to have a blog…

It took me sometime to have my own blog. Believe it or not, it has been 2 years.. To have one or not to have. A week ago, I decided to have one. I have many things that I can share here. Mostly about me, my daily life, my career as a singer & celebrity, product spoke person and of course as a wellness coach. Follow & stay with me – for that I will bring you to a different journey & experiences.

Nurul Wahab Depp, New Life, New Style, NEW RULES!

This blog dedicated to all my fans and friends. They have been with me in the journey from the past 17 years in my singing career. This is the time to share & to give back to my supporters.

Because of all of you, I am still here, still alive, still breathing in this music industry. Because you are “My fans, My precious!”


30 Comments on “The day I decided to have a blog…

  1. Wow great blog…all about ur story life sis, proud of u…All the best & may god bless u with much love & family too ❤

      • Thanks for following. Cepatnya dia.. memang menunggu ni! Nantikan banyak lagi cerita menarik, soon! ❤

    • Thanks dear. Jangan lupa your CD na.. More new stories coming your way! Soon!! 🙂 take care dear ❤

    • Obviously not! Only the one that have just registered this account! hahahhaha.. Welcome!

      • Yes of course! 🙂 Give me your details & we will send to you 😉

      • Yay yay! Haha. So how can I give you my details? Emai?

      • Hi Natasha. Just want to know, have you received the CD that we sent to you? Please let us know.

      • Hi sorry tak update u. Yeap I received last mth. Thank you!!:)

      • Busy dengan work sey… Dah lama tak check blog.

      • I’ve got your address already. will send to you soon . Take care 🙂

    • yeay! Thanks for visiting! You have won a latest Cd of Nurul titled ‘MARI’.

    • Hello! Thanks for visiting & thanks for being one of my great supporters. Appreciate it! I’ll make sure you stay! May God bless 🙂

      • I Loves to read ur life story kak nurul…u are very strong women, to be single mom is not easy…proud of u sis..semoga Allah sentiasa memberkatimu with ur new life now…bahagia always & can’t wait for next story…thanks for sharing ur story life with us…luv u ❤

    • Be pleasure kak nurul…most welcome! Remember to share wht u have life past time or new life now…be strong & move forward! Take care u too…:-)

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